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Lowers the risk of clean technology adoption.
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Driving the hidden costs out of AC-powered lighting.
Conduit. 12 gauge copper wire. Electrical distribution panels. We never really think about these components as part of the lighting system costs. But what if all of these could be eliminated or reduced because a breakthrough comes along that totally changes the way we think about illuminating buildings?
Centralized LED drivers enable low-voltage lighting network.
Concept: A Silicon Valley startup is created by senior executives from Cisco, Sun Microsystems and Cray Super Computing. Their idea: to re-invent the way we sense, manage and control indoor environments. Their approach: develop an intelligent sensor network that combines power, control, and communications through low-voltage wiring. The launch at LightFair: a DC-powered "self-aware" network architecture that automates lighting and enables true fixture-by-fixture daylight harvesting. This new approach to commercial lighting installs more like
a PC network with two-way communication between light fixture and engine, and is administered through a web-based dashboard from PCs and smartphones.

System Costs: About the Same As Fluorescent: With greatly reduced power requirements (lower electrical equipment costs), no conduit needed outside of the I.T. closet (low-voltage twisted pair cabling powers the light fixtures), the cost savings pay for the engines, sensors and LED fixtures. Nectar Partners will work with the manufacturers to assist you or your specifier to determine the best path forward.
A Sensor for Every Luminaire: A "Self-Aware" Network
The sensor, able to read ambient light, ambient temperature, motion and wattage drawn by the luminaire, is placed within inches of each light fixture.
Two-Way Communication: With each luminaire connected to a sensor on a home-run back to the engine in the I.T. closet, two-way communication enables an unprecedented level of control:
  • daylight harvesting, independent by fixture
  • dimming through 48,000 lighting levels, reducing energy usage and extending luminaire life
  • real time data collection and reporting
The Installation: Nectar Partners created a demonstration installation in Central New York, placing nine luminaires in a 27' x 27' classroom with 9' ceilings, delivering 37 foot candles of even illumination at the work surface. Total installation time for the lights and controls was under 4 hours. This represented a reduction of installation costs by well over 50%.

The Experience: The illumination and color rendering impact was stunning. Visitors to the demonstration space were amazed at the difference between the LED vs. fluorescent. With dozens of visitors to the space, we were surprised to find that there was a preference for the 5000K temparature over the 3700K at about a 2:1 ratio.

The Energy Savings: The luminaires alone provided a 42% energy savings over the 2' x 4' T8 troffers in the classroom. With the addition of scheduling and dimming, the savings were reaching 70%.

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