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Energy-saving building technologies we are investigating
LEDs on a DC Network Pic
LEDs on a DC Network
Early failures in this market has everyone waiting for industry standards. We’ve found a few technologies that advance the field by five to seven years.
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Generating electricity on site seems a lofty goal, but our early investigations into this solid oxide fuel cell technology from NASA indicate this company has the right stuff.
Active Glass
Active Glass
Solar gain increases cooling costs. Motorized shades are expensive and complex to maintain. With auto-tinting windows, the best of both worlds is here.
Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines
Large wind turbines are expensive and may be dificult to site. Companies seeking a renewable energy source lack options. One company kept it simple, and affordable.

CleanTech Pic
Building owners and developers, architects and engineers, management and operations groups who want to make their facilities more sustainable often lack the time and energy needed to sift through the science and economics of emerging energy-saving technologies.
At Nectar CleanTech, we apply rigorous standards to investigate and test technologies before we work to educate decision makers. Through this methodology, we achieve our primary mission: to accelerate the adoption of clean technologies for a more sustainable future.
To date, we have fully investigated LED luminaries and control technologies, and we can state that the future of whole-building LED lighting is here. Investigations into solid oxide fuel cells, wind turbines, and active glass technologies are underway.
To continue this research and education, we are forming Nectar CleanTech, a non-profit 501(c)3 education foundation.
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